Monday, September 24, 2007

Who Reviews The Board?

There is an article in the 9/23/07 Austin American Statesman that asks Should The Sun Set On The Sunset Committee? The Sunset Committee is charged with reviewing state agencies to determine if they are fulfilling their mandates and deserve to continue. I personally have not been pleased with the Sunset Committee. I testified this summer when the Texas Nursing Board was being reviewed. Although everyone that testified informed the Sunset Committee that TPAPN should not be altered, the Sunset Committee still recommended changes which the Legislature enacted. The impression was that it did not make a difference to testify before the Committee.

Monday, September 10, 2007

To Lie or Not To Lie

The Legislature passed HB1168, which allows a licensing authority (like the Board of Nursing) to deny an application for licensure or to suspend or revoke a license if the individual (nurse) knowingly:

1. made a false statement when applying or renewing a license
2. misrepresented information when applying or renewing a license
3. refuses to provide information when requested by the agency
4. failed to provide all of the individual’s criminal history

The Texas Nursing Board has been doing this, but this new legislation establishes a more formal proceeding and adds these provisions to the Government Code, a state statute.

Never, Ever Lie to the Board. True, they may not find out, but if they do discover the falsification, the resulting disciplinary action on the individual is increased.