Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Jurisprudence Online Course

The Texas Board of Nursing posted this on their BNE news: The BON wishes to contract with a vendor approved to conduct business with the State of Texas, to transform the case content of the BON’s Jurisprudence and Ethics workshop content into an interactive, online format that utilizes the principles of adult learning for the target audience. Content will need to vary in the levels of complexity based on educational preparation i.e. (LVN, RN, APN/APRN).

Proposals will be accepted until the end of day, May 7, 2008.

This is interesting because currently if a nurse is required to take a Jurisprudence Course (for disciplinary reasons), the nurse must take the course in person.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nursing School Horror

According to the Texas Board of Nursing's agenda for the April Board meeting, there have been schools presenting themselves as approved nursing education programs when they are not. According to the Board, "BON nursing consultants for education began receiving calls in September 2007 from students who thought they were attending Board approved nursing education programs that in fact were fraudulent, unapproved programs."

The programs that the Board mentions are: Career Advanced, Esther
Medical Tutorial and Nursing Review Center, IF Tech and Merit Excellence Institute,
Vocational Training Education Center or VTEC

How horrible to pay to attend a nursing school and then discover that you are paying for nothing because the program is not approved by the BON. This is important information for anyone looking at schools -- make sure that they are approved programs.