Monday, October 1, 2007

Help for Nurses Accused of Impairment

The Texas Board of Nursing and TPAPN have developed a program called the Extended Evaluation Program (EEP) that promises to be a big help to those nurses accused of substance abuse, that have a positive drug screen, but that have been evaluated as having a low probability of substance abuse. Think about a situation where a nurse took a pain pill and then was screened at work and came up positive. The nurse is adamant that he/she does not have a problem with drugs and is not a candidate for traditional TPAPN. The Board wants to monitor the nurse to assure that the nurse does not have an issue with drugs or alcohol. EEP seems to be the answer.

EEP allows TPAPN to screen the nurse for drugs and alcohol for a year. Participation in EEP is confidential and if after one year, the nurse remained compliant with the program, the matter is dismissed. Because the program is so new, I have not heard of any issues or problems.

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Anonymous said...

There is a serious problem with EEP. You can't work until they say so. If you have a medical problem:i.e. migraines,back problems, you cannot take any meds, Your finances will be ruined from no income.