Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Legislative Session

The Legislature is in session and the filing of the bills have started. You must keep up with the bills that are being filed regarding nursing and you must contact your state Senator and Representative regarding which bills you want them to support and which need to be fought down. The big argument that I am receiving emails about regards nursing staffing with the lines being drawn between TNA and NNOC. There are two companion bills filed right now: SB 476 and HB 591 (SB means Senate Bill and HB means House Bill). You should go to the Texas Legislature Online and read one of the companion bills to determine whether you want to urge your Legislator to support or defeat the bills. There are also bills regarding prescriptive authority for Advanced Practice Nurses and HB 70 involving Chapter 53 of the Occupations Code that impacts nurses and the BON.

Keep informed, express your wants and be represented.

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